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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Squidoo Lens Ideas and Keyword Researching

IDEAS for New Lens

Read How to Earn Money with Squidoo Revenue Sharing first if you haven't do so!
  • A lens about you. When someone Googles you, what do they find?
  • Make a HeroRoll lens, or an Acknowledgments Lens, all about the people who have inspired you. Run a list of all the people you want to thank, with a little note next to each saying why. Link to their blogs or books or work or companies. And be sure to let them know they made HeroRoll Cell.
  • A lens about the stuff you sell. Do you have a table at the local farmer's market? Do you the make your own soy candles and sell them on Etsy? Start a lens about your business. Then the make 20 more, about each item you sell, and link 'em all together.
  • A lens about the movie you just saw.
  • Or the book you just read. (Be sure to send the link to the author and say thanks!)
  • Or how about a list of the 20 best golf books ever. Or the worst monster movies of all time.
read source article here.

If you like Spider-man comics, you can create lenses:
  • About Spider-man comics themselves, what they are in general
  • Spider-man comics characters, each characters into 1 lens
  • About Stan Lee
  • About Marvel Universe
  • About the Spider-man videos on Youtube
  • About Spider-man comics collection

So you could create almost anything and That ideas came from only one theme. You can also explore other themes. You don't need to put everything in one lens. Divide them into groups of lenses. Here's another idea:

Create a lens about My Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies?
  • My Top 10 Favorite Zombie Movies?
  • My Top 10 Favorite Vampire Movies?
  • My Top 10 Favorite Werewolf Movies?

Or you could create a lens based on season, for example if you are near autumn/fall season, you can create lenses with topics like these:
  • About Harvest, wheat and pumpkin harvest
  • Autumn colors (yellow, orange, brown)
  • Thanksgiving day
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving food (pumpkin soup, pumpkin cake, etc.)
  • Gifts Ideas
For Halloween, you could explore a bit more and come up with these lenses:
  • Costumes (any kind of costumes actually, doesn't need to be scary)
  • Scary decorations
  • Scary Food Ideas (food recipe)
  • Scary Drinks Idea (beverage recipe)
  • Horror Movies (zombies, dracula, mummy, etc.)
  • Scary and Funny Prank Items (toy cockroaches, rats, bloody hand, etc)

For Summer, there are even more stuff that you can come up with. For examples:
  • School holidays
  • Places to go (kayak, mountains, etc)
  • Camping and kayaking equipment.
  • Summer toys for kids like make bubble, a portable plastic pool, swimsuit, etc
  • Barbeque Grill and Equipment
  • 4th of July items.
  • Summer clothing, like T-shirts, flip-flops, mini skirts, shorts.
  • Summer Movies Blockbuster
  • Gardening items, plant, seeds
  • Air conditioning, fan
  • Kitchen appliance, ice cream maker, blender, popsickle makers, mini fridge
  • Furniture, table chair, pillows, or tent
  • Sunglasses, beach towels, beach umbrellas, ice cooler, etc.
  • Travel guide book, GPS

Keyword Research Tutorial

Tools needed: 

  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Traffic Travis
  • Go to google keyword tool and find keywords that have 800 visitors and above (1000 local search recommended) and a maximum of 1.5 million competition
  • Once you got the keyword, Open Traffic Travis
  • Click analyze keywords and enter the keywords that we target. See the result below:
  • This tool analyze site rival with the same keywords.
  • If the results of the ratings are easy or relatively easy, take the keyword
  • For search engines select the competition under 1.5 million
  • Once you got the keyword, apply them to your lens

Just wanted to share this tips. I hope they are useful for you. Good luck!

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