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Monday, 19 August 2013

Making Money from Amazon Mini Site

Hi you all, I want to share something, let's get to the point. A little share on amazon minisite. Here we go!

Here are the steps:

Choosing a Product 

Availability of Goods / In Stock - Product is a popular item that has been published in many online retails, blogs, affiliate sites, etc. - Look for products with $100 price or higher - 5 Minimum Customer Reviews and At least an Average 3.5 stars - Have a complete description

Keyword Research 

Make a list of keyword variations that we can get from the merchant's site from amazon search box history, the product description. Or you can use Google keyword tool. If you want to use the paid service, use Micro Niche Finder Tool.

Choosing a Domain Name 

Choose a domain name that contains Primary Keyword, prioritizing the use of .com / .org / .net example: PrimaryKeyword.com / .org / .net Primary-Keyword.com/.org/.net PrimaryKeywordxxxx.com / .org /. Primary-Keywordxxxx.com/.org/.net net xxxx: deal, deals, discount, toy, etc.

Making Affiliate Product link

Create a product id tracking for the mini site - Perform cloaking on the Affiliate link

Amazon minisite template:

  • Change the .htacess file so the mini site has a consistent URL in the eyes of Search Engines
  • Create a menu structure and page based on the secondary keyword
  • Enter google analytics code
  • Use header image or image call to action by using a file name that contains keywords
  • Create homepage and Sub-page content based on the product description from Amazon.com
  • Create an external link from Wikipedia, YouTube, CNN or other authority site. 

Okay, let's advanced into keyword research, First we need to make a list of its variations: Ideas can come from amazon.com, namely: from the "Product Description" or through the history keyword in the "Search Box amazon"

Another way is, we could research manually using Google Search Tool , ex: related searches. Wordtracker also can or Micro Niche Finder. Well here are the guidelines:

Search Volume Highest results, we use as Primary Keyword (PK) and the Keywords from number 2  to 4 we make Secondary Keyword (SK). PK be the main keyword for homepage, appears at least 3 times in the article as a text link to another page. Another page contains a minimum of 4x PK in the article. Homepage at least contains 1x SK with minimum of 100 clicks per day only via twitter.

More guidelines:

  1. Use Twiends to get a more follower, actually a lot of web services offers just like this but this one by far is the easiest. You need at least try to have 100 Twitter followers before using the next tools. 
  2. Use ManageFlitter to prevent account banned by twitter because following too many people. After following 100-200 people through twiends, immediately unfollow people that didn't follow back our twitter. Use ManageFlitter to do this. ManageFlitter can unfollow up to 1000 people per day. 
  3. Use Dlvr and / or TwitterFeed. This websites will allow us to auto tweet by simply entering the Amazon RSS FEED. We can put whatever we want in our RSS and Twitter accounts. Here's an example RSS amazon: http :/ / www.amazon.com/rss/tag/KEYWORD/new?length=10&tag=YOUR-AMAZON-ID. replace "KEYWORD" with your keywords e.g. "smartphone", like this http: / / www.amazon.com/rss/tag/smartphone/new?length=10&tag=YOUR-AMAZON-ID.

note: the more twitter accounts are created and feed, the more the number of clicks will be |

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