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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Earn Serious Money By Uploading Files

Earn money by uploading files is one of the best way to make money online.If you have some files you want to share with others, and you know a lot of people that would download them, then you can make money uploading files.

Best Websites to Make Money By Uploading Files

How does it work exactly?
Create an account from any of these sites below, and do not worry, these types of sites usually professionals and secure. Because maintaining files is very important for you and for them.

Upload your files and get the link that they provide you, now all you have to do is promote the link on some very popular places online such as Facebook, Twitter, TechCrunch, Digital Color and so on.

When a certain amount of people download your file, it may eBook or your MP3 song, or any of your movies, you can earn money from the site where you uploaded the file.

Here are the websites:


Get around 1 $ to $ 20 for each download. They support PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Payquicker, bank transfer, and checks. Even better, they send the payments to the three all partners, and in 16 Premier their friends.

All you have to do is Upload your files and promote them anywhere on the internet, Let visitors complete a quick survey to download your files, and You will earn an average of $1 for every completed survey


FileCopter s a 100% free file hosting solution provider. You can earn money online by uploading your files and place the file link on your blog/website, or just share it with your friends. You will be paid for each unique download and get paid through PayPal once you hit the minimum payout amount.

You earn each time your file (NO size limit) is downloaded by anyone around the world (NO geographic limit). You are paid U$S20 for every 10,000 downloads! Our top uploader attains this amount every week. With a minimum payout limit is $50. Payout methods currently only PayPal.


Turbobit.net is a free net space where you may upload your files, store them, share your files with your friends by providing them links to your files, and download your friend's files using their links.

They pay for all file downloads that are over 10 MB. We do not impose caps on uploads/downloads of large-size files. However, 100Gb is as high as you can go. Payment methods support only PayPal and Webmoney payouts.


FileBucks is an exciting website that makes file sharing rewarding! Simply sign up, upload your files & get paid every single time they are downloaded! There's no catches and it's completely FREE for anyone TO JOIN.


Pay Per Downloads - from 1$ up to $20 for 1000 downloads. Payments are made via webmoney . Others options are available upon request. Once you reach the minimum balance of $5.00 you can request payout. You will get the payment in 7 business days after the payout request was made.

You  can also rack in another dollar or two by combining your download links that you are going to share or promote with a Pay Per Click (PPC) websites such as adfly and linkbucks.

After you have upload your files with any of the PPD website above, you will get a link from them. Don't share the link just yet. The next thing you need to do is, copy that link and paste it in adfly or linkbucks to create a new link. Once that's done, now you are ready to share the new link.

This way you can earn from PPC and PPD in one go. Nice right? That's like killing two birds with one stone :D

Click the banner below to join them and earn even more money!



And there you go, some of the top earning website for you to upload your files. Let us know your opinions in the below comments.


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