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Monday, 29 July 2013

Earn Money with Squidoo Revenue Sharing!

Read through to the end, Understand and Take Action!

1. What is Squidoo?
Squidoo is a Web 2.0 blogging platform like blogger or wordpress, but with the addition of community bloggers which very much came from all over the world, with a dominant market share in the US. So the potential to make money is there and quite huge.

2. Where did Squidoo get the money from?
Squidoo has a revenue sharing system that comes from Amazon and Ebay (mainly) and can market the product outside just as shareasale, all posters, zazzle, and many more. Abd don't forget the revenues from TIER. We're going to talk about tier later on.

Payment Proof

More Proof

3. How much can we earn?
As you can see from the above screenshot. The earning potential is quite good. But because it's a Revenue Sharing, Squidoo gets the bigger part, and you can keep the rest. For amazon sales, if you are already an amazon associates then you can use your associate ID instead of squidoo to rack in bigger commissions.

4. What should we write about?
You can write about almost anything. Review vacation along with pictures somewhere, cookware reviews, recipes, celebrity profiles, wallpaper, coloring pages, history, tips, and many many more...

After that we can insert products or items related to our theme. eg, summer recipes, we can input sausage, barbecue equipment, ice cream maker, condiments, etc.

5. What is a tier?
Tier is a rating or ranking of the overall page that we have created (which called lens)
Tier1 = 1-2000 points
tier2 = 2001-10000 points
Tier3 = 10001-70000 points

Income from squidoo is not fixed, change each month depending on your tier.

6. Rankings
 Average Overall Rank of your lens per month will be use to decide on which tier you are going to be. This rangkings can be seen in your squidoo Dashboard, check the "Stats" under the lens.

7. Lens Completion Percentage
There are many factors that must be met for a lens to achieve 100% completion

  • Fill out the introduction with the words pretty much (200 words approx.)
  • Insert photo on topic
  • Write a short bio (right sidebar)
  • upload your photograph for your bio
  • Fill lens with at least 5 modules
  • Fill out the topic and subtopic lens
  • Publish a lens
  • Give at least 5 tag in your lens
  • Adding a social module for interacting with readers (guestbooks, polls, etc.)
  • Got at least 20 Squidlikes
  • Got Like by Giant Squid

Lens progress does not directly affect lens rank or earnings... but will serves as an indicator of how "good" a lens based on certain points.

8. Social Sharing Button

  • Thumb or Like will affect lensrank
  • Rss feed: to get a feed of all lenses can be found in www.squidutils.com at the lensmaster feed
  • Tweet to share on twitter
  • FB Like or share: share the lens to Facebook page. Useful for promotion, but does not affect lensrank directly.
  • Pin images used in the lens, as promotion and traffic to the lens

9. When to create a lens?
When should you create a lens? beginning of the month, end of the month, or in the middle of the month?
There are 2 options

  1. Either make it at the end of the month to get tier calculation immediately effective for the next month, You need to make sure you are creating a good lens, or 
  2. Create at the beginning of the month or the middle. So we still have time to look for likes, find backlinks, submit social bookmark, etc that will allow us to get good lens tier the next month. The choice is in yours.

10. How to make friends with fellow lensmaster?

  • Participate and interact in SquidU forums. 
  • Do it politely and befriend the existing members.
  • Leave positive comment in the sub-forum "Lens Spotlight", 
  • Greet newcomers in the "New? Introduce Yourself!", 
  • Like other lensmaster lens, get a like from them, like them back, and so on.

11. Why are there adsense, chikita, and infolinks, are we also getting a revenue from them?
Not like HubPages, there is only 1 adsense account that belongs to squidoo. All clicks will be collected and distributed appropriately according to the tier level that we have.

12. Does payment occur each month?
Squidoo uses amazon affiliate system to make sale various goods from amazon. Squidoo must ensure the goods are not returned by the buyer, for about 2 months. After that your commission will be transferred directly to PayPal with at least $1. So if we have any sales in January the payment will be made in March

Note: Many people ditch squidoo and don't want to wait in that 3 months period to see for the result. So people that going to succeed are the one who are persistent enough and passed that 3 months incubation period.

13. How to raise rank?

  • Traffic from Search Engine, Articles in directory, dummy blogs that links to our lens, etc.
  • Like from fellow lensmaster
  • Sales made from amazon or ebay
  • Squid Angel blessing (squid giant who are very competent in their field)
  • Clickout, either click from ads or image

14. Do we need to have an account with Amazon or ebay?
You do not have to, because you are using squidoo affiliate account.

  • The only thing that we need to do is use the amazon or ebay module, if sales are made, the commission will be shared with squidoo. The advantages of using squidoo module, we only need a minimum of $ 1 to be paid via PayPal, and in the event of sale, our lens rank will rise.
  • Whereas if you use your own Amazon's affiliate account, you can get bigger commission. But the minimum payment made is $100, The choice is yours.

15. Work in Progress Lens
I just publish lens, but why lensrank still 0 or red and categorized as WIP (Work In Progress)?

It is normal for new lens. You will get rank and categorized as "Featured Lens" after Squidoo daily updates, at around 5:00 pm. So be patient.

16. When I receive payment of Lens?
Lens royalties will be calculated after you have publish for a full month.
for example, if the lens was published on January 16, 2013 the overall rank will be calculated starting from February. From the overall lensrank of February you will receive payment in accordance to your  lens tier, which will be sent two months later (April 15th, with a record already reached the minimum $1 payout). So, for the lens that was published in January you can receive money payment, in the fastest, three months later (April).

17. This is community driven, Do we still need SEO?
Yes. We really need SEO to compete in the search engines.

18. Are we allowed to write lens in Other language besides English?
Squidoo is in English platform, and they do not have admin or rules on foreign language lens. To be safe, it's better to write lenses in English. If you are not comfortable writing in English, there are ways, for example, you can purchase English written articles.

19. Can we use articles from say Wikipedia?
No. Squidoo has eliminate wikipedia modules, as for the previous lens that are still using wikipedia are now locked away, meaning they are not visible to search engines.

Of course we can still quote article or facts from other websites but we have to specify the copyright source.

20. I don't know SEO!!!
You can purchase SEO services or search google and learn SEO.

21. Are there banned or spam topics?
Don't spend the time building a page that you are at risk losing at any time. Check here!

22. Can we make a clone?
Yes you can, normally used for closely related lens.

23. Image or picture copyright
This case is fairly sensitive, when you post other people’s content, whether it’s images, text, video, audio or something else, it’s important that the creator gets credit for it, both as an explicit mention on your lens and as a good healthy link to the right place that shows the content in its native context. Otherwise, you may be infringing on their copyright in addition to violating Squidoo policy.

This is a list of lenses where we can get royalty free images.

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