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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Earn Money to Write Anything About Your World and Speak Freely!

Anyone knows "Bubblews"???
Bubblews is one of the sites to earn $$$ which currently trending in the United States and the Philippines.


With the "Bubblews" You can earn more by just being a "Single Fighter"!

Most of You probably already heard about this site but still  have not decided if this site is a scam or not and just waiting for somebody to review it. Well, you don't have to wait anymore because, I'm here to give you the review that you all have been waiting for!

This site is still fairly new, launched in 2011, and according to trusty sources, people have already been getting their PayOut (PO) for quite a lot (following terms and rules of the game of course)

To make sure you can search in Google with "Bubblews Scam" or check the whois data for its domain to get a more detail idea about who behind Bubblews. If it all adds up to your criteria of a Scam Site, then feel free to pass this one up.

The name "Bubblews" is what, Arvind Kang the founder of this site, has come up with. Bubblews is a social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedn, etc...

But wait, if we are active on Facebook like doing some comments here and there, likes, ete, what do you get? nothing

In Bubblews, Every Like, Comment, View, or any other unique content that You have posted are appreciated in $$$!

Any unique content earned you 0.01 dollar, imagine if we can submit 5 articles and having 100 of our friends list (100 is still considered as low compared to our Facebook friends, which could reach hundreds, even thousands).

I, Myself joined Bubblews without having to Add Friends (new to Bubblews, just around 3 days) already got more than 300 friends. This can happen because people in the Bubblews community are very active.

Each time you submit articles, automated notification will be send out to your friend's account. They really active and diligently viewing every new article published. So, the more articles, the more reading, the more money!

To create an article, there are so many categories to choose from. It does not have any specific requirement, even personal and lite stories are okay.The important thing is wrote in good English to at least 400 characters.

Do not copy and paste other people articles though, or you will get a warning or even banned. You can, however translate some article in your native language to Good English. Use google translate and patch them up for any grammar mistakes.

Unlike Triond, which have a stricter policy and approval system, with Bubblews, the article is instantly published for people to start viewing, commenting, and like right after you submit it.

"Calculation $$$ Earn In A Day"

$ rate x posts x views/likes/comments = Earning

for 20 Views, 20 Likes, 20 Comments
for 5 articles submitted

View: 0.01 x 5 x 20 (view) = $ 1.0
Like: 0.01 x 5 x 20 = $ 1.0
Comment: 0.01 x 5 x 20 = $ 1.0

From 5 artciles submitted and 20 views, likes, and comments You can earn a minimum of $ 3.0
The maximum article that you can post is 10. That's twice as much, you can earn up to $ 6.0. And that's if only 20 of your friend views, comments, or like your posts. Getting friends is easy, I know You can do This, because I can!

So, what are You waiting for? Join Now if You haven't done so! Click Below to Join!

Here are the official Explanation and Rules of The Game!


How it works

The Bubblews community is a patent pending system that enables our users to enjoy our community (without a cost) and share in the ad revenue growth. In fact our revenue model is simple: We split the ad revenue we make off each post with the author 50/50. You will get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike and social media share that your posts gather. Write Your World. Speak Freely. Join the movement. The time of not sharing revenue with the very people who create your content is OVER! Bubblews.

Register for Free

The first step is signing up for an account with us. It is completely free and takes less than 60 seconds.

Adjust Your Preferences

Customize your profile and check out your "The Bank."  Explore the website to fully understand the experience.

Write and Submit

Write your world and don't forget to speak freely! We have over 15 different categories to choose from, you do not have to focus on just one!

Spread the Word

Once submitted your post will become a bubblew on our website for the whole world to see. It will shrink or grow based on who likes or dislikes it.

Get Paid

You will get paid for EVERY view, comment, like/dislike and social media shares for EVERY post that you EVER write on bubblews.

Make Your Name

Every submission you write will be viewable on your own personal profile. Make a name for yourself, diversify what you talk about and watch the money add up!

How earning works

Views On Your Posts
Each visitor to your post will be a unique view, meaning if the same person views your same post 100 times it will still be counted as 1. However, if you have 100 posts and that same person views each of those posts it will count as 100 views. You are paid for every unique view and it will vary by the amount of ad revenue Bubblews is pulling in. We always share 50/50 on every posts revenue.

User Comments
A user comment is defined by anyone who leaves a comment on any of your posts. This one is a lot simpler to understand: For every comment you receive on every post you create, you get paid for. This payout will vary based on how much ad revenue Bubblews is pulling in.

Social Media Shares
A social media share is defined by anytime a person shares your post on facebook, twitter or the other supplied social networks from the bubblews website, you will get paid. This payout will vary based on how much ad revenue bubblews is pulling in. Happy sharing!.


What is the redemption? This is the place where you cash in your "bank." Your bank is derived of all the revenue you have collected from the views, comments, likes/dislikes and social media shares on all of your posts. This is our patent pending Bubblews revenue sharing community. We believe that those who create the content should be equal partners. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the rules and how can my account be removed/suspended?

  • Submitting more than 10 posts per 24 hours
  • Submitting copy & pasted (Plagiarized) material
  • Utilizing Traffic Exchange and Traffic Purchasing Websites for your posts
  • Utilizing IP manipulation software

How do I earn money on Bubblews?

You will get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike and social media share on every post you create. The payout (per) will vary based on how much ad revenue Bubblews is making at the time. Although we do split ad revenue 50/50. We believe every user should be an equal partner.


Make money by sending this referral link to your friends. You will receive 0.20$ on their first post! Please check this area frequently as the amount paid per referral will vary based on the time of day.

The best place to spread your Bubblews referral link is on your personal social media accounts and blogs!

Copy paste this and let Your friends and family speak their mind on Bubblews!
Join Bubblews Here! ref=520c71c3729091.75342964


How Does It Work?

To create your own subcategory, enter the tag of your subcategory and then a short description.

All subcategories begin with a +, this allows users to link to your subcategory throughout the Bubblews site by simply typing +CategoryTag

Once your create your own subcategory, it will be listed on the BubblePulse! page. Users who submit content can enter their content into your subcategory, which in turn will grow your Bubble and earn you more rewards points.

The Bank

Welcome to your bank. This is an important area to check out frequently. This area will gather how many views, comments, likes/dislikes and social media shares all of your posts are getting. Then it will calculate the payout for each of those based on how much ad revenue Bubblews is pulling in at the time. Some days it may be more some days it may be less. Usually it will be leveled without huge spikes from day to day. If you have any questions regarding The Bank please feel free to contact us through the appropriate tab on the website.

*Note: Must have at least $25.00 to redeem.

*Note: The amount you see listed here is estimated and can change if manipulation is detected on any of your posts.

We have the right to remove (and not pay out) any account that partakes in the conduct listed below:

  1. Submitting content that you did not write yourself. Copying content from other websites around the internet is stealing and Bubblews will never pay you for that.
  2. Abusing our likes/views/comment system by partaking in exchange groups and requesting for them through other Bubblews' members.
  3. Utilizing Traffic Exchange, Bots, Proxies, Virtual Private Network and other forms of IP manipulation is stealing from Bubblews.
  4. Submitting posts that only contain pictures and/or containing very limited text is prohibited as this is not content our advertisers like to pay for.
  5. Posting Pornographic/semi-pornographic images and/or content to Bubblews.
  6. Posting LESS THAN 400 characters per post.
  7. Posting material not written in English (Only exception is if you supplement your post with an English translation).
  8. Posting links within your bubbles to cite/source/enhance your work is fine, but please do not post Referral or Affiliate links to other websites. Use your best discretion and if you are unsure please email in.

Join Now and Get a $1 Signup Bonus!


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