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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Earn Money from $0.40 to $240 per month!

RVD Markets 
The broker Company «RVD Markets Limited» was registered in Ukraine and has all necessary certificates and documents for conducting commercial activity.  

The Company is part of the holding «RVD Capital Holdings Limited» (United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland) focused on providing high-quality services in the financial markets and includes representations in the Russian Federation, Great Britain and the British Virgin Islands.

If you are active, the total bonus potential in the forum = $240 per month ($180 for trading capital + $60 can be withdraw)

posting bonus >> $0.40  per post in the forums sponsored by RVD

plus there is also a bonus >> forums referrals = $ 0.08 For every post that made ​​by our referrals

a Quarter of the total bonus that we earn are allowed to be withdrawn (minimum of $10)

Available forums are Russian (Ukraine) forums and English sub forum, and more forums to come!

if you are active in both forums postings, that means the potential bonus that you can get can be DOUBLED!  

$240 X 2 = $480 per month, and a quarter of our earnings can be withdraw.

Rules : maximum posts per day = 20 posts

20 posts X $0.40 = $8 per day

To reach minimum withdrawal pf $10 you need to earn at least $40 (because only a quarter of your earning can be withdraw)

40$ : 8$ = 5 days

That means you can withdraw $10 every 5 days

To register, follow these steps:

Go to registration page HERE and Click "Open Personal Backoffice"

Fill in the form exactly as your Passport

You may skip the "To attach now the user forum of Company to Backoffice" checkbox if you want and decide later.

After you have fill in the form and click register, you will need to activate your account. You should have received the activation link in your email. Click or copy paste it to your browser to activate!

After that you are ready to start posting. Click on the "Discuss on Forum".

Change the language to English Global if you don't understand Russian.

Click Register. You will be brought to yet another form to join the forum.

First click the "to receive an activation code". You will need to enter your email address.

Once that done, check your email address for the activation code.

Go back to the forum registration page and fill in the form. Don't forget to fill in the activation with the one you just got.


Next step: Connecting your account with your forum account 

Login to your Backoffice, click "Personal Information". Then click the "Учётные записи Форумов"

Fill in the form with your username and password. Use Google Translate to make sure you are entering into the right box or form.

After you are finish, your account should be connected to your forum account. To make sure, go to your Backoffice and click Personal Information.

Your username should be listed with the forum name.

Additional steps: Document Upload

To get all the features in your Backoffice working as it should (trading account and withdrawal), you need to upload your document to verified your Backoffice account.

Scan necessary documents, usually your passport.

Go to your Backoffice and click Personal Information. Look for Document Upload and click it.

Browse your scanned document.

Choose the Document type, usually "Passport" or
"Approval Processing of Personal Data"

Next, click upload. And you are done. You just need to wait until the verification process is finish. Check in your Backoffice > Personal Information if your document has been verified.

You should also receive a verification status notification via email. 

Rules for Posting Bonuses

Admin has set the following criteria for crediting bonus per post:

1. Post must be unique and meaningful, content may not be copied from any website, blogs and forums etc.

2. Images, MQL-sources, archives and other file types that are allowed as an attachment to the message, load the company forum. Link to a file located on another site, not accepted.

3. Messages must be at least 3 lines, not including emoticons and \ or other special characters. The default font size is 1.

4. Bonuses will not be awarded if the infringement occurred following:

  • Messages that contain advertisements and spam
  • Bot and make post thread unrelated to the main theme / subject, the Administration has the right to edit the message and in this bonus will not be awarded. OOT prohibited means
  • Forecasts, conclusions, analysis and recommendation on Forex trading, is not confirmed by the real data and facts;
  • The message is personal, "thank you", "please", "hello", "You're right," "help me understand, discover," and so on;
  • Complaints, claims and inquiries from our administration. As well as issues related to problems with a lack of understanding about the terms of trade in the company, as well as the mechanism of the forum and website.
  • Elimination of threads or posts may result in the elimination of a bonus as well.

After all of that you can finally start earning by posting. Please remember that they also check the quality of your post.  So if your post doesn't meet their standards, You won't get the bonus!

Below is the Admin of RVD explaining about posting bonus:

Well the post rate here actually is 40 cents.10 cents goes to the transitory account whereas the later 30 cents goes to the trade bonus accounts.And each and every posts that you post here in moderated normally within 24 hours(at least in my case) and then you will receive the bonus for every of your posts that are accepted.But if your posts lack quality then unfortunately you will not receive the bonus for those posts.That might be the reason why you are not receiving as you expect to.

Rules: Posting allowed every 500 seconds, 

So, You can create a Good Post around every after 8-9 minutes interval.

Let's do the Math Again:
9 minutes  x 20 posts = 180 minutes to Earn $8 per day. That means you need to spare 3 hours of your time!

Here's the prove if you have managed to get everything correctly!

Available Payment Options:


Good Luck!


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