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6 Kinds of Scam or Fraud Through out The Internet

For online businesses are not necessarily familiar with the word scam or fraud via the internet. The core of this fraud is attacked one side of human psychology, namely?? Want something more?? well it is much, much cheaper, easier, better, more powerful, and much more so that the scammer is always to lure something more.

There are several kinds of scam in the world who have to learn so you will not become a victim. The purpose of the scam too is varied, ranging from money matters to the most cruel is the purpose?? Slander??.

This time I will discuss the 7 kinds of scam or fraud is most often done on the internet, and you may also have to be-and almost became their victim. The victim was not a fool, but normal people who want more.

1. Phishing

Phishing is the act of stealing the data yourself / your personal data, ranging from full name, date of birth, mother's maiden name, your address until your ID number. The purpose of this phishing attack is to access your bank account, or to convey a message that is slanderous using the victim's identity.

Phishing is usually always side by side with SPAM, the spammer sense to attack thousands to millions of potential victims via e-mail or phone call claiming to be employees of insurance, bank officers, and those who think the victim has the right to ask for all the data yourself.

Some examples of these include Phishing Phishing Facebook IDs, Account PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Ebay.

How to prevent that you do not become a victim of Phishing as follows:

  • Be wary of strange emails, when emails are calling you to visit a link that contains a login, please think long, close immediately.
  • Do not use passwords general, in the sense of all your online accounts using a password or a password to use easy words (your name, your birth date, your child's name)
  • If you want to log in to any site such as Paypal, Ebay, Facebook, you should immediately visit their website by typing the URL address in the web browser and not through third parties, such as E-Mail, Google Chat, etc..


Ebay SCAM  is when a person trying to sell the goods at a price far below the market so that people interested in buying without thinking. Usually the goods sold has a price above $ 1,000 as Plasma TV, LCD, Spare Parts and Car and others.

After the victim made the transaction and payment process has been completed, usually delivered goods are counterfeit goods or goods damaged or even worse they never send anything.

How to avoid EBAY SCAM:

  • Try to compare the price of goods you want to buy a variety of reliable sources, if the price difference is too obvious direct should be avoided
  • Check the legality of the documents and see testimonials
  • Try to always call them, if it does not have direct phone contact just ignore

But remember, there are few things more dangerous, which is a spammer who managed to get an account that is trusted EBAY (Powerseller). If you want to trade in large numbers should meet in person or his place of business.

3. Nigerian Letter

Most of these types of scams originating from Nigeria, so it's called Nigerian Letter. You may get an e-mail that contains the call to assist in the laundering of money, where you will be involved and given a commission with extraordinary value, or an attorney who held property which has deceased client so the client family inheritance could fall into your hands.

Similarity of this type of scam is your obligation to pay advance tax amounting to a few percent of the value of what you'll get, when you pay taxes, they will disappear with your money.

Some things you should avoid:

  • If you ever get E-Mail with the contents on such things as above, delete immediately without follow-up.
  • When finding the words such as Bank of Africa, African Development Bank, or anything related to the Bank from any country in Africa just in the clear, you never had any transaction or deal with them.
  • If you are asked to transfer some money for any reason even if it can be proven with images and complete data, do not be fooled, this is just a hoax.

4. Online Lottery

Online Lottery and Nigerian Letter has the same scheme with the same trick, but with a different chase. Online Lottery for you be tempted by the sum of money from winning Lottery that you never have attended at all.

5. Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi is the name of the person who applied this scheme. This is a fraudulent scheme structured but will definitely get caught. One of the biggest ponzi unmasked this century is Bernard Madoff who has successfully deceived people over $40 billion.

Ponzi scheme is, offer an investment program with interest / return on investment that is lucrative, and you will get the profit from the next victim. When they have no new members or new victims, then this type of fraud will be revealed.

To avoid this can be very difficult, because even a company that has a legal document can still perform this kind of scam.


HYIP or High Yield Investment Program, is a program that uses a type of Ponzi scheme. 90% of HYIP is a lie, and 10% were waiting in line to be branded as a liar, why? HYIP boss typically use a large capital to generate even larger funds. They are willing to pay their members for several years to enhance the credibility and confidence of potential investors, so investors will often do huge investment. |

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