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Monday, 12 August 2013

Earn Rewards for Taking Surveys

GlobalTestMarket, fill in surveys and Earn Money! Easy Right? Read this artcile all the way down, Understand, and Take Action! Join and Start Earning Money!

What is GlobalTestMarket (GTM)?

GlobalTestMarket is the world's leading technology company in the field of global consumer research sponsored by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.). GlobalTestMarket established in August 1999 as a division of GMI.

Complete all profile surveys to complete, since it is related to the frequency of survey opportunities that you will get later on. Do not Ignore This profile survey if you are serious about making money in GlobalTestMarket.

What Now?

When you have completed the first profile survey, then all you need to do is wait for new surveys invitation via email to pour in. The company is inviting members that are eligible for a survey via email based on the your profile that you just filled in in the first survey.

GlobalTestMarket use market points instead of real money. But this market points can be redeem and turn into Cash!

The rewards are usually between 30-250 market points (20 market points equals 1 dollar), and depends on:

  • Whether the survey is urgent or not.
  • The length of the survey.

Minimum Pay Out (PO) is 1000 market points or 50 dollar, payments made ​​by check.

It is easy to use for all people from almost any country and languages in the world because there is an option to change the default language.

GlobalTestMarket guide:

  1. Sign up to the site with a link of my GlobalTestMarket invitations here! Why, because referral members gets significantly more surveys than regular members.More surveys means more money!
  2. Change language option to whatever language you prefer (option at the upper right corner)
  3. Fill the registration form correctly
  4. Be sure to complete your profile surveys, this will qualify you for the opportunity to get paid surveys.
  5. Add frontdesk@globaltestmarket.com in your email address book so that invitations to participate online survey is not filtered as spam.

How to add email address to your address book (using Gmail):

  • Go to Gmail.com
  • Click on Gmail with small down arrow in the top left corner (just below Google logo)
  • Click Contact and click a New Contact
  • Input a New Contact
  • Click add
  • That's It

5. Check new survey invitations in your email
6. If you have an invitation to the survey, complete the survey immediately and earn points.


Good Luck! |

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